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consumerismHow much do I really need? Have you asked yourself that lately? Our current world revolves around consumerism. Open a magazine and you will see a medication that could solve your problem, the ideal vacation spot, the hottest latest smart yoga mat, etc. Turn on the television and watch the scrumptious plate of chicken wings dripping with subatomic sauce dipped in a creamy white ranch dressing. What about the new car with all the bells and whistles that it practically drives itself?

I recently test drove a new car. That’s when I realized my 13 year old vehicle was a dinosaur. I need to remember my key, actually have to turn my head to back up and must stay awake and pay attention because I could easily drift out of my lane and not know it. And when its cold, my buttocks warms the seat versus the other way around. Immediately the voices started telling me how pretty and comfortable the shiny ice blue with sleek black leather seat vehicle was. Images of driving through snow and mud like a clear sunny day played in my head. Yes my life would be better if I had this new car. How long would my old car last anyway? It was as if a magnet was pulling me to buy that new hip roadster. I had to have it!

Does that sounds familiar? Have you gotten emotionally hooked into buying something? Have you noticed at those times the reasons to have it far outweigh the risks of having it? For example; a new car for most people comes with monthly payments for years, higher insurance costs, sales tax and other miscellaneous charges. The voices didn’t highlight those facts when I test drove the new vehicle. Perhaps you succumb to the seduction of the new item. You purchase it, take the prize home and boom the balloon bursts. Its like you were under a spell. You really didn’t need it.

How do you avoid making the mistake of getting something you don’t require? First be aware that a the magical pull of consumerism exists. When you feel the emotional hook it is a warning sign. It is a red flag to delay action. The glamour of having the item suggests that the need for the item is not coming from within you but outside of you. It is the energy of seduction that is telling you to purchase it. If you are being driven by your inner being to get something there is no emotion. It is neutral. You may have a knowing you found the right item or simply look at it and buy it. If you’ve got yourself mentally running in circles comparing the benefits to the disadvantages it is another signal you most likely have stepped off the path of what you really require. It is quite simple and easy when the direction to purchase something comes from within. You might be surprised to discover how much less you really need.