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Make a Difference Are you working for love or money? Do you look at your job or career as a means to getting money or is it something that you do because you enjoy the work? Do you rely on it to pay the bills and fulfill your desires or is it something that you do knowing you make a positive difference? Most of us have heard the expression do what you love and the money follows. How does that work in the practical world?

We create every day with our thoughts, beliefs, ideas, focus, will and intent. Our world begins on the energetic realm and manifests into the physical realm. When you work with the primary focus of making money you are already creating based on a belief system of lack or not having enough. Have you ever worked extra hours to get more money only to have a reason come up to take that money and more? In addition many people that keep a job based on financial gain do not have a heartfelt passion for what they are doing. This creates thoughts such as I hate my job, I dread going to work and a myriad of other negative comments that attract more negative energy and chaos.

When working for love the heart is involved. The work comes from an inner drive of passion to share one’s gifts and contribute to making a better world. Money is a byproduct and not the goal. Performing the work results in a sense of enjoyment, contentment, satisfaction, fulfillment and purpose. Positive energy is generated. You may have heard someone in this position say that it isn’t work. It something that is embraced as part of the daily life of that person for which they are grateful.

I recently read a story in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali translated by Sri Swami Satchidananda. The story involved a yoga teacher who commented to another yoga teacher that he noticed more students were coming to his classes and were satisfied even though they did the same thing every day; whereas his students always wanted something new otherwise they expected to pay less. The response was: “We don’t sell Yoga; we just teach for our joy. The people contribute as they want. There’s no business here, but rather the heart is working. Probably in your case you expect money, and so you are interested in teaching something new every time to get more people and more money… They don’t feel the vibration of business there, but the vibration of Yoga. That is what they don’t want to miss.”

Are you a slave to money or a partner in love? Do what you love and the money follows.