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If you do not take the leap of faith and jump into the unknown how can what is truly yours find you? Many times we hesitate to make changes in our life. We feel we need a plan, we must know the outcome, we would do it if we knew it would work out. So we postpone it or dream about it but it never becomes a reality since we do not act on it. Does that sound familiar? As a psychic reader people often call me asking for clarity in a situation. Many times the client already knows the answer. So where is the indecision, the confusion? The uncertainty lies in the mind. The small mind that wants to know all of the details and to cover all of the what ifs before an action is taken. As a reader I see what is already present in the energy field. What is present is that the situation is already written, the path is open. For many this path is easy, natural and effortless. It simply requires embarking on the path- taking the first step, the leap of faith. Once the first step is taken, the next step is revealed. Waiting to know what will transpire is the barrier and most of the time, the only barrier that exists. So don’t stand in your way, take the first step.