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victorious laughterDissolve your problems through laughter. Laughter is a fast and easy way to melt away physical, mental and emotional tension simultaneously. Laughter also provides a cardiovascular workout if it is done sustained and heartily. Researchers at the University of Maryland studied the effects of laughter on endothelial blood flow. They commented that a few hearty laughs can benefit a person as much as up to a half hour of jogging. In addition prolonged laughter stimulates the diaphragm leading to a decrease in anxiety and improved oxygen circulation and energy.

Dr Madan Kataria and his wife Madhuri developed a way to laugh for no reason. This is a technique that can be done anywhere, at any time by anyone. It’s called Laughter Yoga. Laughter is simulated through laughter exercises. Scientific studies show that fake laughter has all of the same health benefits. Here are some easy fun laughter yoga exercises to get you going and to reduce stress immediately. You may not solve your problems but you will dissolve them!

Cell phone laughter- Grab your cell phone. Imagine you are receiving a call from someone who is telling you the most funny story you have ever heard. Walk around your space with your cell phone to your ear giggling, guffawing, and laughing heartily.
Pig Laughter- Laugh, snort and chortle.
Gradient Laughter- Imagine someone is gradually turning up the volume on your ipod, sound system, radio… and then turning down the volume. Start with silent laughter, then laugh quietly, and slightly louder until you are loudly howling with laughter and then reverse back to silent laughter. Try it a few times in a row.
Knee hugging laughter- Lie down on your back. Hold your knees toward your chest and just laugh.
Household chore laughter- Add fake laughter to any chore especially the ones you don’t like- dishwashing, vacuuming, cleaning windows, brushing teeth, etc.