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InsanityDo you find yourself doing the same things over and over again? You have the desire to make changes and move forward yet you can’t seem to get out of your own way. You sense you are not living life according to your true self. Surely if you were you would have inner peace, clarity and ease. You might even observe the harder you try the more you struggle. Perhaps you long to leave your job but the fear of not having money scares you. Maybe you know you have met your other half but this person won’t give you the time of day. Or you might be mired in doubt and indecision going nowhere. Why does this happen and what can you do about it?

The more we do something the more automatic it becomes. Thoughts over time make beliefs which build belief systems. Repeated reactions generate repetitive emotions. Behavioral responses become habits. Patterns of energy take shape and form. The more we repeat the patterns the more ingrained they become; the more they shape our world and the harder it is to change them.

So how do you stop repeating the same thing and get a desired result? It takes will, persistence, patience, focus, determination and discipline. First comes awareness. You become aware that your choices have an unwanted effect. Next comes the desire and will to make a change. You focus on what you want and work toward creating it. You develop a discipline that supports your desired result. No matter what obstacles enter your path your determination and persistence overcome them. You acquire patience by accepting that change will happen though for most of us it takes time.

For example: If your belief system of never having enough or never getting what you want keeps you in your job or dating the I don’t want a committed relationship type then the first step is recognizing that you want something more for yourself and that your fears are getting in the way. You become aware of your behaviors. Perhaps your repetitive pattern is to look at your bank account, analyze your expenses and work extra hours instead of trusting your soul to provide. You focus on the work you do not desire instead of putting your energy into what you truly want to be doing. In the relationship situation you stay with the person; as you don’t want to be alone and to feel lonely instead of creating an opening for the right individual to come forward.

You become aware of your self sabotaging patterns and you decide to create new ways of responding. You identify your desire to create a business for which you enjoy and use your talents. You focus your time and energy in creating your enterprise step by step. You have a daily discipline of techniques that support you in your endeavor that may include affirmations, meditation, working on your website and talking with a mentor. You build the momentum and keep going despite any internal or external issues. You course correct instead of throwing your hands up in the air.

In the relationship example you identify your desire for a committed relationship. You end the relationship of convenience. You focus on the qualities of what you want in relationship and create an ideal scene (mind map). You make positive statements about yourself. You spend time doing things you love instead of being with someone who is not there for you. If you are a magic practitioner you might do a spell to attract the true love of the one who belongs to you. Your energy is focused on loving and supportive actions toward yourself and your goal spiritually and physically. You don’t have to keep repeating the same things over and over again. Make conscious choices and attract new energy to your life.

If you do not take the leap of faith and jump into the unknown how can what is truly yours find you? Many times we hesitate to make changes in our life. We feel we need a plan, we must know the outcome, we would do it if we knew it would work out. So we postpone it or dream about it but it never becomes a reality since we do not act on it. Does that sound familiar? As a psychic reader people often call me asking for clarity in a situation. Many times the client already knows the answer. So where is the indecision, the confusion? The uncertainty lies in the mind. The small mind that wants to know all of the details and to cover all of the what ifs before an action is taken. As a reader I see what is already present in the energy field. What is present is that the situation is already written, the path is open. For many this path is easy, natural and effortless. It simply requires embarking on the path- taking the first step, the leap of faith. Once the first step is taken, the next step is revealed. Waiting to know what will transpire is the barrier and most of the time, the only barrier that exists. So don’t stand in your way, take the first step.