Trust your true self no matter what-
“A leaf does not resist the breeze. A goose does not resist the urge to fly down south. Is this not happiness? Is this not freedom? To access this incredible state, we need only one thing: Trust. Trust that, when you are not holding yourself together so tightly, you will not fall apart. Trust that it is more important to fulfill your authentic desires than listen to your fears. Trust that your intuition is leading you somewhere. Trust that the flow of life contains you, is bigger than you, and will take care of you – if you let it.”
Vironika Tugaleva

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consumerismHow much do I really need? Have you asked yourself that lately? Our current world revolves around consumerism. Open a magazine and you will see a medication that could solve your problem, the ideal vacation spot, the hottest latest smart yoga mat, etc. Turn on the television and watch the scrumptious plate of chicken wings dripping with subatomic sauce dipped in a creamy white ranch dressing. What about the new car with all the bells and whistles that it practically drives itself?

I recently test drove a new car. That’s when I realized my 13 year old vehicle was a dinosaur. I need to remember my key, actually have to turn my head to back up and must stay awake and pay attention because I could easily drift out of my lane and not know it. And when its cold, my buttocks warms the seat versus the other way around. Immediately the voices started telling me how pretty and comfortable the shiny ice blue with sleek black leather seat vehicle was. Images of driving through snow and mud like a clear sunny day played in my head. Yes my life would be better if I had this new car. How long would my old car last anyway? It was as if a magnet was pulling me to buy that new hip roadster. I had to have it!

Does that sounds familiar? Have you gotten emotionally hooked into buying something? Have you noticed at those times the reasons to have it far outweigh the risks of having it? For example; a new car for most people comes with monthly payments for years, higher insurance costs, sales tax and other miscellaneous charges. The voices didn’t highlight those facts when I test drove the new vehicle. Perhaps you succumb to the seduction of the new item. You purchase it, take the prize home and boom the balloon bursts. Its like you were under a spell. You really didn’t need it.

How do you avoid making the mistake of getting something you don’t require? First be aware that a the magical pull of consumerism exists. When you feel the emotional hook it is a warning sign. It is a red flag to delay action. The glamour of having the item suggests that the need for the item is not coming from within you but outside of you. It is the energy of seduction that is telling you to purchase it. If you are being driven by your inner being to get something there is no emotion. It is neutral. You may have a knowing you found the right item or simply look at it and buy it. If you’ve got yourself mentally running in circles comparing the benefits to the disadvantages it is another signal you most likely have stepped off the path of what you really require. It is quite simple and easy when the direction to purchase something comes from within. You might be surprised to discover how much less you really need.

InsanityDo you find yourself doing the same things over and over again? You have the desire to make changes and move forward yet you can’t seem to get out of your own way. You sense you are not living life according to your true self. Surely if you were you would have inner peace, clarity and ease. You might even observe the harder you try the more you struggle. Perhaps you long to leave your job but the fear of not having money scares you. Maybe you know you have met your other half but this person won’t give you the time of day. Or you might be mired in doubt and indecision going nowhere. Why does this happen and what can you do about it?

The more we do something the more automatic it becomes. Thoughts over time make beliefs which build belief systems. Repeated reactions generate repetitive emotions. Behavioral responses become habits. Patterns of energy take shape and form. The more we repeat the patterns the more ingrained they become; the more they shape our world and the harder it is to change them.

So how do you stop repeating the same thing and get a desired result? It takes will, persistence, patience, focus, determination and discipline. First comes awareness. You become aware that your choices have an unwanted effect. Next comes the desire and will to make a change. You focus on what you want and work toward creating it. You develop a discipline that supports your desired result. No matter what obstacles enter your path your determination and persistence overcome them. You acquire patience by accepting that change will happen though for most of us it takes time.

For example: If your belief system of never having enough or never getting what you want keeps you in your job or dating the I don’t want a committed relationship type then the first step is recognizing that you want something more for yourself and that your fears are getting in the way. You become aware of your behaviors. Perhaps your repetitive pattern is to look at your bank account, analyze your expenses and work extra hours instead of trusting your soul to provide. You focus on the work you do not desire instead of putting your energy into what you truly want to be doing. In the relationship situation you stay with the person; as you don’t want to be alone and to feel lonely instead of creating an opening for the right individual to come forward.

You become aware of your self sabotaging patterns and you decide to create new ways of responding. You identify your desire to create a business for which you enjoy and use your talents. You focus your time and energy in creating your enterprise step by step. You have a daily discipline of techniques that support you in your endeavor that may include affirmations, meditation, working on your website and talking with a mentor. You build the momentum and keep going despite any internal or external issues. You course correct instead of throwing your hands up in the air.

In the relationship example you identify your desire for a committed relationship. You end the relationship of convenience. You focus on the qualities of what you want in relationship and create an ideal scene (mind map). You make positive statements about yourself. You spend time doing things you love instead of being with someone who is not there for you. If you are a magic practitioner you might do a spell to attract the true love of the one who belongs to you. Your energy is focused on loving and supportive actions toward yourself and your goal spiritually and physically. You don’t have to keep repeating the same things over and over again. Make conscious choices and attract new energy to your life.

victorious laughterDissolve your problems through laughter. Laughter is a fast and easy way to melt away physical, mental and emotional tension simultaneously. Laughter also provides a cardiovascular workout if it is done sustained and heartily. Researchers at the University of Maryland studied the effects of laughter on endothelial blood flow. They commented that a few hearty laughs can benefit a person as much as up to a half hour of jogging. In addition prolonged laughter stimulates the diaphragm leading to a decrease in anxiety and improved oxygen circulation and energy.

Dr Madan Kataria and his wife Madhuri developed a way to laugh for no reason. This is a technique that can be done anywhere, at any time by anyone. It’s called Laughter Yoga. Laughter is simulated through laughter exercises. Scientific studies show that fake laughter has all of the same health benefits. Here are some easy fun laughter yoga exercises to get you going and to reduce stress immediately. You may not solve your problems but you will dissolve them!

Cell phone laughter- Grab your cell phone. Imagine you are receiving a call from someone who is telling you the most funny story you have ever heard. Walk around your space with your cell phone to your ear giggling, guffawing, and laughing heartily.
Pig Laughter- Laugh, snort and chortle.
Gradient Laughter- Imagine someone is gradually turning up the volume on your ipod, sound system, radio… and then turning down the volume. Start with silent laughter, then laugh quietly, and slightly louder until you are loudly howling with laughter and then reverse back to silent laughter. Try it a few times in a row.
Knee hugging laughter- Lie down on your back. Hold your knees toward your chest and just laugh.
Household chore laughter- Add fake laughter to any chore especially the ones you don’t like- dishwashing, vacuuming, cleaning windows, brushing teeth, etc.

Make a Difference Are you working for love or money? Do you look at your job or career as a means to getting money or is it something that you do because you enjoy the work? Do you rely on it to pay the bills and fulfill your desires or is it something that you do knowing you make a positive difference? Most of us have heard the expression do what you love and the money follows. How does that work in the practical world?

We create every day with our thoughts, beliefs, ideas, focus, will and intent. Our world begins on the energetic realm and manifests into the physical realm. When you work with the primary focus of making money you are already creating based on a belief system of lack or not having enough. Have you ever worked extra hours to get more money only to have a reason come up to take that money and more? In addition many people that keep a job based on financial gain do not have a heartfelt passion for what they are doing. This creates thoughts such as I hate my job, I dread going to work and a myriad of other negative comments that attract more negative energy and chaos.

When working for love the heart is involved. The work comes from an inner drive of passion to share one’s gifts and contribute to making a better world. Money is a byproduct and not the goal. Performing the work results in a sense of enjoyment, contentment, satisfaction, fulfillment and purpose. Positive energy is generated. You may have heard someone in this position say that it isn’t work. It something that is embraced as part of the daily life of that person for which they are grateful.

I recently read a story in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali translated by Sri Swami Satchidananda. The story involved a yoga teacher who commented to another yoga teacher that he noticed more students were coming to his classes and were satisfied even though they did the same thing every day; whereas his students always wanted something new otherwise they expected to pay less. The response was: “We don’t sell Yoga; we just teach for our joy. The people contribute as they want. There’s no business here, but rather the heart is working. Probably in your case you expect money, and so you are interested in teaching something new every time to get more people and more money… They don’t feel the vibration of business there, but the vibration of Yoga. That is what they don’t want to miss.”

Are you a slave to money or a partner in love? Do what you love and the money follows.

If you do not take the leap of faith and jump into the unknown how can what is truly yours find you? Many times we hesitate to make changes in our life. We feel we need a plan, we must know the outcome, we would do it if we knew it would work out. So we postpone it or dream about it but it never becomes a reality since we do not act on it. Does that sound familiar? As a psychic reader people often call me asking for clarity in a situation. Many times the client already knows the answer. So where is the indecision, the confusion? The uncertainty lies in the mind. The small mind that wants to know all of the details and to cover all of the what ifs before an action is taken. As a reader I see what is already present in the energy field. What is present is that the situation is already written, the path is open. For many this path is easy, natural and effortless. It simply requires embarking on the path- taking the first step, the leap of faith. Once the first step is taken, the next step is revealed. Waiting to know what will transpire is the barrier and most of the time, the only barrier that exists. So don’t stand in your way, take the first step.